MYSTIC PROPHECY became one of the biggest surprises within the global metal scene for the last years, standing for powerful and dynamic metal, hardly found in our days. Searching a name that captures and describes their sound, vocalist R.D. Liapakis came up with the name MYSTIC PROPHECY, which stands for the intensity of their unique sound.
Although each member of the band is playing in other acts, MYSTIC PROPHECY always was supposed to be a real band, which plays live. With their debut album Vengeance, MYSTIC PROPHECY seemed to fill in a gap within the scene, receiving great reviews all over the globe. Especially vocalist R.D. Liapakis makes them being something special. Regressus was the second album of the band, which proves that they can even top the high quality of their debut "Vengeance".

“Regressus” is even more aggressive and powerful, featuring twelve neckbreaking tracks every metal fan has to discover. "NeverEnding" is the 3rd studio album by German power metal group Mystic Prophecy, released in October 2004. This is the last album of a trilogy and also the last to feature Gus G and Dennis Ekdahl. With "Savage Souls" they released a traditional Metal album, long since awaited by the scene, which delights fans and muzzles the band's critics. An expanded headliner tour with label colleagues Majesty follows and becomes a great success.
With their next album "Satanic Curses" the band musically steps out of the Power Metal circle in order to create the world's "heaviest Heavy Metal album". Nearly Death Metal-like Up-Speed tracks paired with superior melodic vocals are the trademark of Satanic Curses. Their 2009 album “Fireangel” marked a serious turning point for Mystic Prophecy – after many thought the band would not continue because of diverse line-up changes and delivered a serious metal highlight. With “Fireangel” the band went on a longer European tour with the Finns of Stratovarius The feedback was more than positive and it soon became clear that the band wasn’t able to keep the 1-year rhythm in releasing new albums – it took double time, almost two years this time to finish “Ravenlord”. After the band was abtle to gain a lot of attention with their song “Ravenlord” being placed on the CD compilations of various magazines such as Rock Hard, Metal Hammer or Rock It!, the band topped all expectations on their co-headlining position on the “Wolfsnächte” tour with Powerwolf. Quite often the fans had to face the “SOLD OUT!” sign at the venues of the tour. The tour gave an massive impact on the band and the guys gained many new fans on that tour, especially as it was followed bysome outstanding festival shows (e.g., Metalfest, Summer Breeze, NOAF, Prog Power). After the tour is usually before the new album, so after their last open air show in 2012 MYSTIC PROPHECY made their way into the rehearsal room to start working on KillHammer. "Killhammer" is a challenge for your neck. Straight power metal songs meet a strong production.
To promote the album, Mystic Prophecy joined Masterplan on their Novum Initium Tour in Oktober 2013. After several Gigs in the beginning of 2014, Mystic Prophecy announced their Headling Tour in Oktober 2014, which concluded 10 Dates around Europe. In 2015 they played a couple of shows in Germany to be more focussed on writing and recording songs for their upcoming Album which will be released on the 18th March 2016. To promote their 9th full length they will be on tour around europe in March 2016 with Orden Ogan. The upcoming record WAR BRIGADE will be available in many special editions such as a limited Edition Fanbox. Besides that there will be Internet promotion including banners, interviews and reviews and PR Videos. and also appeared on numerous festivals