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Roberto Dimitri Liapakis (Vocals)
Markus Pohl (Guitar)
Evan K (Guitar)
Joey Roxx (Bass)
Hanno Kerstan (Drums)

With a band history spanning more than two decades, MYSTIC PROPHECY are among the established acts of the German Metal circus. And at latest with their celebrated last masterpiece "Metal Division" and chart successes in several countries, the quintet around the charismatic frontman R.D. Liapakis belong to the spearhead of international Heavy Metal. They are one of the most successful acts of the genre on digital platforms and with several hundred thousand followers on Spotify. At their live shows they prove again and again that they understand Heavy Metal as a passionate ultimate fight ... pure power!

With their new album "Hellriot" they pick up where they left off with "Metal Divison" (top chart placements in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Scandinavia etc.): Powerful concise hooks with shout-along factor, hard-hitting and monstrous sound paired with technically brilliant riffs, all refined by a powerful modern production that is second to none and makes the band so popular and unique. In short: MYSTIC PROPHECY deliver live as well as on record and make every Heavy Metal heart beating merciless faster.

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